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So my last post was my 500th post. Well, 500th on this lj. I don't know how many of you remember that I used to be draco_luvr (at least I think that was it. Maybe it was draco_luva?) but I probably made a couple of hundred posts there. I should go check it out again one of these days. I know it's still online. Which is kind of weird, I guess, because all the posts are public, and I know the first couple are the worst kind of shit I could have posted, but I guess we all go through that stage.

It's funny - my first lj was totally public. This one was friends only for ages, and then I've gone through stages where I've made all the posts public, or all of them friends only. I think they're all public at the moment.

One of these days I'd like to read through all my entries - right from the first, self-indulgent, attention-whorish post on my first lj all the way up to the latest post on this one. I know I've changed - I must've changed - but it would be nice to really see it.

Um. I'm about to go into two weeks of exams, and then holidays. Hm. I guess I really am going to get through year eleven. At different times throughout this year I was so sure that I'd have to drop out. I don't know how I've managed to get this far. I guess it's in my bones by now, after what, eleven years of schooling? It's second nature to cling to school, to go back day after day after day, to let it crush my spirit. Oh god I'm doing that emo whiny thing again. Uh.

I guess I should go study or something. Maybe I'll play DOMO. Make some new friends who I can underwhelm with my mediocrity and eventually be abandoned by. Yea. Sounds like fun.
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I appear to be playing the BEST Nintendo DS game I've ever played. And once I've finished it, I have the sequel sitting right here for me to play.

WHY has nobody ever told me about Etrian Odyssey???
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